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alt-J - Hunger Of The Pine

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Lost Fills Vs Pavement

LOST FILLS publican un Ep de versiones de PAVEMENT en catalán


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Jason Molina. Full Live Concert at VCU Commons (Richmond, VA)

Jason Molina/Magnolia Electric Co. Full Live Concert at VCU Commons (Richmond, VA) September 6, 2003

September 6, 2003 - Richmond, VA - VCU Student Commons w/ The Mountain Goats and The Strugglers

Guitar/Vox - Jason Molina
Lap Steel - Mike Brenner
Drums - Pete Schreiner

Filmed by my friend Kyler.

00:00 - Nashville Moon
06:59 - Just Be Simple
12:29 - Steve Albini's Blues
18:12 - Ring the Bell
22:00 - Cross the Road, Molina
25:42 - Dark Don't Hide It
31:00 - North Star
36:06 - I've Been Riding With the Ghost
41:19 - Don't This Look Like the Dark

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dean wareham live on KEXP

Dean Wareham - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

The Dancer Disappears
Holding Pattern
Happy & Free

Psych Out 2014

El viernes estuve con unos amigos en la 2ª edición del Festival Psych Out (también estuve en la primera edición) en la sala Charada. Me encantó, la verdad

Vacant Lots - 6 A.M.

The Vacant Lots - Mad Mary Jones

The Vacant Lots - High and Low

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Parquet Courts live on KEXP

Parquet Courts - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

Ducking & Dodging
Black and White
Vienna II
Dear Ramona
What Color Is Blood

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Foxygen - Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

How Can You Really
Coulda Been My Love
Cannibal Holocaust


Water Liars "Just Be Simple" (Songs:Ohia Cover)

"Just be simple" by Jason Molina

You never hear me talk about one day getting out
Why put a new address on the same old loneliness
Everybody knows where that is
We built that house of his

And when he's not home
Someone else you know always is
If Heaven's really coming back
I hope it has a heart attack

When they see how dangerous it is for guys like that
The night has always known when it's time to get going
When it's really been so long that it starts showing
It's always had that ghost who always almost

Tells me the Secret
How there's really no difference in who he was once
And who he's become
Everything you hated me for

Honey there was so much more
I just didn't get busted.
But I'm not looking for an easy way out
This whole life it's been about

Try and try and try
And try and try and try
To be simple again

songs : ohia - JUST BE SIMPLE

Jason Molina tribute concert

Jason Molina Tribute Concert - May 11th, 2013
Recorded LIVE in Bloomington, IN at the Bluebird Nightclub

"Night Shift Lullaby" by Magnolia Electric Company (featuring Jennie Benford)

"Nashville Moon" by Magnolia Electric Company (featuring Kate Long)

"Leave The City" by Magnolia Electric Company (featuring Mark Rice)

"The Handing Down" by Magnolia Electric Company (featuring Kate Long)

"Hard To Love A Man" by Magnolia Electric Company (featuring Chris Kupersmith)

"North Star" by Magnolia Electric Company (featuring Pete Schreiner)

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A little lost

Sufjan Stevens ha publicado un nuevo tema, se trata de una versión del tema "A little lost" de Arthur Russell

Arthur Russell - A little lost

Sujan Stevens - A little lost (arthur Russell cover)

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ride on, Molina

tema tributo a Jason Molina

Rivulets - Ride on, Molina

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